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How can I help you?

Do you remember working together being fun and effective? Do you know someone who's looking for someone who does what I do, in the weird and wonderful way I do it? Could it even be you? Amazing! Let's connect

I'm looking to add value to a team or organization as a coach, people leader, project leadercommunicator, activator, problem solver, facilitator, or to simply dive in and get things done. I'm open to freelance, contract, part-time or something not-yet-imagined that suits us both well.


Connections, honest communication, healthy organizational and team culture, team dynamic, and trust matter to me at work and in the wild. You too? Let's talk.

Hang on, don't I also have a coaching business? Yes, I sure do (you're the first to see the new name!), and the collaborative, flexible nature of coaching means that I also get to be flexible to pursue my own balance and freedom

How I show up


Coaching Client

We all have ideas and projects we'd like to do. Coaching with Steph brings those ideas to life. It makes those ideas manageable. Steph serves as both a sounding board for general ideas, as well as an action-based, task-oriented partner.

Kind words


The Art of Retreat Participant

The idea of spending the weekend with two strangers and one friend is way outside my comfort zone but Steph made it so easy. I had literally no anxiety about it whatsoever. She is amazing!


Coaching Client

Steph was brilliant at reminding me to focus on my goals and to work towards them; when I got off track, she guided me back. She really helped me gain confidence and balance, which has improved my feelings of happiness and value.


Check out the quick glance resumé in this gallery for a primer on how, where, and when I've gotten my experience.


You can also see a full description of my career on LinkedIn

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Quick Glance Resumé

Quick Glance Resumé